1. Teeth Whitening 101

    One of the first things you notice about someone is their smile, and a beautiful smile makes a great first impression. If you’re like most people, you wish your teeth were a few shades whiter, but you also enjoy your daily cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a long day at work. The good news is, you can have both! At Mer Bleue Dental Centre, we offer home teeth whitening kits for our patients…Read More

  2. Benefits Of Invisalign®

    Invisalign is the most popular teeth straightening method used today, and for good reason. While braces do the trick, many patients experience unpleasant side effects, like gum irritation and cheek scarring, which can make having braces quite uncomfortable. Not only that, but braces aren’t the most attractive option — the metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands tend to make people feel self-co…Read More

  3. How To Choose The Right Dentist For Your Family

    With so many dental clinics in Orléans, it can be difficult to find the right one for your family. After all, you want a friendly, experienced dentist that is invested in the health and well-being of your family — someone you can trust to provide quality dental care and address any dental problems that come up along the way. From dental cavities to braces and wisdom tooth removal, you need some…Read More

  4. Wisdom Teeth Removal Prep & Aftercare: Part 2

    When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, nothing is more important than preparation and aftercare. In part one of this blog series, we discussed some ways you can prepare for your wisdom tooth extraction, like fasting before the procedure, arranging for a ride, and taking time off work to recover. While this is all very important, the length of your wisdom teeth recovery time also depends on how wel…Read More

  5. Wisdom Teeth Removal Prep & Aftercare: Part 1

    Let’s face it: no one looks forward to their wisdom teeth removal. For some people, the idea of getting their wisdom teeth out is terrifying, leading them to postpone the procedure as long as possible. Others might think of it as no more than a minor inconvenience, as they’ll need to take a few days off work to rest and recover. Whatever the case, wisdom tooth extractions are nothing to be afr…Read More

  6. Dental Bonding: The Solution For Cracked & Chipped Teeth

    Teeth are incredibly strong structures in the mouth — so strong, in fact, that many people think of their teeth as bones. In reality, your teeth consist of minerals like calcium phosphate, which forms the hard exterior of your teeth known as enamel. This hard layer allows you to chew food and protects the inner layers of the teeth, including dentin (the tissue beneath the enamel) and the soft in…Read More

  7. Understanding The Differences Between Braces And Invisalign

    If you’ve ever considered orthodontics, you’ve likely come across several methods of teeth straightening during your research, including traditional braces and Invisalign®. Thanks to technological advancements in the field of dentistry, long gone are the days of headgear and clunky metal brackets. Now, dental patients have the option to choose far more discreet teeth straightening methods tha…Read More

  8. Welcome To Mer Bleue Dental

    Welcome to the Mer Bleue Dental blog! Here, we will be posting helpful information about our dental services in order to educate patients about their oral health and the importance of dental care. We are pleased to offer a wide range of services at our Orléans dental clinic, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more. But before we dive into all the dental se…Read More