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Protect Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns In Orléans
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Ceramic dental crowns Orléans that offer protection and aesthetics.

A dental crown is a popular, conventional type of dental technology that allows you to protect and preserve your damaged teeth. It is designed to completely cover, or “cap,” and protect a tooth that has been seriously compromised by trauma, disease, or tooth decay. Historically, dental crowns were made of metal, usually gold, which made them strong and long-lasting. At Mer Bleue Dental Centre in Orléans, we offer white tooth crowns for patients who require restorative dental work. Book an appointment at our dental clinic today!

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Dental Crowns Orléans

Protect Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns In Orléans

Today, a ceramic material resembling natural tooth enamel is used instead. It performs just as well as its metallic counterpart, but is aesthetically much more appealing since it can be perfectly matched with the color of the surrounding teeth. This makes many dental restorations virtually invisible to the untrained eye. One disadvantage of dental crowns is the extent of tooth preparation (reduction) it requires. This reduction in size is permanent and means that the tooth in question will always have to be covered and protected by its “cap.”
Dental Crowns Orléans

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Dental crowns are used in root canal procedures, as well as many other forms of dental restoration. Got questions about dental crowns? Contact our dentists today, or make an appointment online at Mer Bleue Dental Centre in Orléans.