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Root Canal Procedures In Orléans
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Orléans root canal therapy for our patients.

At Mer Bleue Dental Centre, we offer endodontic treatments for patients who have damaged or decayed teeth. Our root canal procedures are virtually, and they provide additional protection for long-lasting tooth restoration. Want to learn more? Contact our dental office in Orléans to book an appointment

Root Canal Therapy

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Endodontics Orléans

Endodontics Orléans


Endodontics, or root canal therapy, involves the treatment of a seriously damaged tooth by removing the diseased nerve tissue and bacteria from its root canal(s). Once the pulpy center of the tooth has been cleaned, it is filled with a rubber compound and a sealer paste to help strengthen the tooth roots. The removal of the nerve tissue makes the tooth significantly more fragile, therefore it is imperative that it be restored and protected immediately with a dental crown. Root canal therapy is an important component of restorative dentistry because it helps save and preserve teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.