Inlays are located inside (in between) the tooth’s four cusps (the corner protrusions), whereas onlays actually rebuild or replace the cusps themselves. Second, dental fillings are done in one appointment, while inlays and onlays require two separate visits. During your first visit at Mer Bleue Dental Centre in Orléans, the tooth is “prepared” (i.e. decay is removed), and an impression is taken. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where the inlay or onlay is manufactured using a gold or white ceramic material.

During your second appointment at our family dental clinic, the inlay or onlay is permanently cemented, and the dental restoration is completed. Generally speaking, the two major advantages of inlays and Onlays over regular dental fillings are their durability and their more precise “contact fit.” A better fit tends to decrease the likelihood of tooth decay recurring down the road.

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