Both the natural and artificial colourants that make up many foods and drinks tend to dull the sparkle and shine of tooth enamel, leaving it unattractively stained and discolored. In fact, some of the major foods that contribute to stained, yellow teeth are coffee, black tea, red and white wine, citrus fruits, dark berries, tomatoes, candy, and soda. And that’s not to mention the toll that cigarettes and chewing tobacco take on the appearance of your teeth, staining them with toxic chemicals that are harmful to your oral health.

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However, the news isn’t all bad! Various over-the-counter teeth whitening products (toothpastes, tooth whitening strips, etc) can help to some extent, but only deliver limited results. The same goes for natural teeth whitening treatments like baking soda mixtures and charcoal. If you are wondering how to whiten teeth at home and are looking for more effective, professional results, our take-home teeth whitening kits are the answer. Our home teeth whitening kits contain bleaching trays that are worn overnight for a period of approximately two weeks. The results are truly noticeable — your teeth will be brighter and up to several shades whiter. Why not do it for that “special occasion” or simply for yourself!

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