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Wisdom Teeth Extractions & Removal in Orleans

Needless to say, we always strive to preserve our patients' natural teeth. Sometimes, however, a  tooth or teeth are so compromised (due to trauma, disease or decay) that they simply cannot be saved. In such cases an extraction becomes necessary in order to preserve the health and integrity of the surrounding teeth and tissues (gums). When an extraction becomes unavoidable, we always discuss with the patient beforehand an appropriate tooth replacement and follow-up treatment. We strongly recommend that the extracted tooth or teeth be replaced as soon as possible - before the integrity and functionality of the mouth as a whole becomes compromised. Without a timely replacement, teeth will ultimately shift and gums will recede, causing further problems.

Painless Tooth Extraction at Mer Bleue Dental Centre

At Mer Bleue Dental Centre in Orleans we do extractions and minor surgeries routinely. We also have an oral surgeon on staff who can address the more complex cases or make appropriate referrals. This conveniently allows most of our patients to receive all necessary treatment and follow-up in one place. If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening solutions available through Mer Bleue Dental Center Orleans, contact Dr. Kotima Koala today. Our team is ready to assist you in rejuvenation to enhance your smile’s natural beauty!