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Orleans Laser dentistry

Laser Periodontal Treatments

Dental lasers are designed and well-suited for many frequently performed dental procedures. Probably the most common use is in the area of oral hygiene - to combat and control periodontal disease. Replacing more traditional surgical instruments, soft-tissue laser uses high intensity light to remove or reshape soft gum tissue with minimal invasiveness. This technique is very precise and effective, allowing the dental practitioner to better focus and localize the procedure (with minimal collateral involvement). Very often less or no anesthetic is needed. For this reason dental laser is often used for other minor surgeries such as biopsies and  lesion removals. The precision and effectiveness of this instrument promotes faster healing with less pain, bleeding, swelling and risk of infection. Minimum physical trauma tends to decrease the patient's emotional stress, anxiety, fear and discomfort. These and other advantages extend to other types of dental lasers that are used for other dental procedures such as removal of tooth decay (hard-tissue laser), dental bonding and teeth whitening in Orleans