Complete and Partial DenturesDENTURE CLINIC IN ORLÉANS


Removable partial dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth that are held in place with metal clasps that are strategically attached to remaining natural teeth. The fake teeth prosthetics can be conveniently removed and reinserted by the patient without any professional assistance from their family dentist.


Removable complete dentures are full sets (full arches) of prosthetic teeth that are custom-made to fit as closely and firmly as possible onto the patient’s jawbone (for support and stability). Patients can easily remove and reinsert these full dentures for cleaning, overnight comfort, etc.

A distinct and frequently mentioned disadvantage of both types of removable dentures is that they offer less than perfect support and stability. Naturally, this negatively affects a person’s overall ability to bite and chew effectively. Poor denture fit can also mean some discomfort and even lead to oral hygiene issues. Last but not least, without the presence of tooth roots, the jawbone eventually starts to recede (shrink) and becomes more fragile. Over time, the fit of the dentures diminishes and the risk of jawbone fractures increases.

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With the introduction of dental implants came the “fixed” versions of all teeth replacement options. Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures can now be attached to artificial dental roots (tooth implants), which are embedded in the jawbone and are able to hold tooth restorations firmly and permanently in place. For more information about implant dentistry, please see the dental implants section of our website, or book an appointment at Mer Bleue Dental Centre today!