We are happy to welcome you back Mer Bleu Family,

As you know, we are committed to maintaining the best quality of care for all visitors, current patients and new patients. Due to new implementations required to minimalize the spread of infection of COVID-19, we ask that you review the important information below prior to your appointment with us.

If you have at least one of the following symptoms: fever and/or new onset of cough or difficulty breathing OR At least two of the following symptoms:

• chills
• fatigue
• headache
• sore throat
• runny nose
• stuffy or congested nose
• lost sense of taste or smell
• hoarse voice
• difficulty swallowing
• digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain), or
• for young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite

PLEASE delay your visit AND contact your health care provider, or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000)