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Dental phobias or fears can cause anxiety in the dental clinic. Mer Bleue Dental Centre offers a variety of sedation options to help patients feel more comfortable during their professional cleanings. Get in touch with us for more information about our sedation options.

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Various Types of Sedation

IV Sedation

It is also known as “sleep dental” or Intravenous Conscious Sedation. It isn’t entirely true, since the patient does not fall asleep as with general anesthesia. Patients with a low threshold for pain or extreme dental fear will feel deeply relaxed. Someone has to take you from and to the appointment. You should have someone with you for the duration of the IV.

Sedation Dentistry Orleans
Sedation Dentistry Orleans

Oral Sedation

Like IV sedation it will place you in a relaxed, comfortable and conscious state to prepare for your appointment. This is for those with a high pain tolerance or extreme dental fear. Take a sleeping pill before your appointment, and relax while your dentist completes your procedure. Someone has to take you from and to the appointment. You should have someone with you for a few hours after the oral sedation has worn off.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, also called “laughing gas,” is a type of gas that helps you feel calm during your dental visit.

Dentists use nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) to provide sedation. It is safe and highly effective. This sedative helps reduce anxiety during dental treatments. It induces a soothing sensation through the use of a mask without making a patient unconscious. To ensure the safety of patients, dentists closely monitor dosage. Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting gas that wears quickly off, so patients can resume their normal routine immediately after the treatment. The mild sedative effect makes it appropriate for adults as well as children. Nitrous oxide is a stress-free and pleasant dental treatment that ensures patients get the necessary care without any discomfort.

Sedation Dentistry Orleans

Benefits Of Nitrous Oxide

Quick Relaxation: Nitrous oxide helps you relax fast, reducing anxiety during dental procedures.

Relief from Pain: This will make your experience more pleasant.

Controlled Sédation: Dentists can adjust the amount of Nitrous Oxide to maintain your relaxation while still being responsive.

There are no lingering effects: Once the treatment is complete, you can return to normal activities immediately.

Nitrous Oxide is Safe for All Ages: Nitrous oxide is safe for both children and adults, making it a versatile option for dental care.

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We will talk to you about the different sedation methods available so that you can feel safe and comfortable. We want to ensure that you get the care you need, without aggravating any existing anxiety. It is possible to get over these feelings with time. We want to make this possible.

Contact our Orleans dental office if you have any questions regarding sedation dentistry. Our staff is ready and trained to provide you with the best dental treatment possible.